LPG Filling Systems

   LPG Filling Plant It is a system which can be used either automatically or manually to refill LPG Cylinders. The Telescopic Conveyor is used to put the cylinders on the conveyor of the system. The Tare Control scale placed on the conveyor conveys the weight of the empty cylinders to the weighing electronic machines. The Input Mechanism pushes the cylinders on the conveyor to be placed over the filling machines on the Carousel. While the Carousel is rotating, the filling machines fill the cylinders 
and push the cylinder back to the 
conveyor using the piston placed 
on it. Cylinders placed on the conveyor go to the Check-Scale.
rectly filled cylinders continue their
 path. Cylinders filled with extra or 
less weight go to the Correction Filling
 Scale. The remaining cylinders on the conveyor continue their way to the Gas Leakage Detector, or to the Water Pool, to check them. In the last stage of the filling process, correctly filled cylinders go to the Branding Machine (Shrinking Machine) to cover their valves by the shrinking sleeves with the company logo print it on it. Cylinder then go to the trailer.