Hyrostatic Cylinder Testing Machine

Hyrostatic Cylinder Testing Machine


Used for hydrostatic testing of industrial,household and camping type of cylinders. Cylinders are compressed with pneumatic pistons. The water is pumped inside the cylinders with electric water pump up to maximum of 40 bar pressure. After the test is completed water inside the cylinder is discharged by air pressure. There are two models exist automatic and manuel.

Technical Properties

  • Cylinder Type : All Type of Cylinder.
  • Production Capacity : 35-70 Cylinder/h.
  • 5 Posts : 35 Cylinder/h.
  • 10 Posts : 70 Cylinder/h.
  • Max. Test Pressure : 45 Bar.


  • Automatic and manuel rotation.
  • Automatic PLC control system.
  • Automatic pneumatic control system.
  • 5 or 10 testing posts.


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